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Kathmandu to Pokhara Flight Ticket

Kathmandu to Pokhara Flight Ticket Booking Online

There are many flights from Kathmandu to Pokhara and it is about 25 minutes flight duration between Kathmandu and Pokhara city, Pokhara is the next tourist city. Most of trekking routes start in Annapurna Region from Pokhara. We can flights from 8 AM to until late afternoon about 3:30 PM between Kathmandu and Pokhara. We offer cheap fare air tickets. You may book by online. The flight between Kathmandu and Pokhara offers you a bird’s eye view of Panoramic mountain an countryside of Nepal.

The flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara Information:

Flight fromKathmandu to Pokhara Flight
Flight SchedulePlease find the below for Buddha Air & Yeti Airlines flight schedule
Flight DurationAbout 25 Minutes
AirlinesBuddha Air, Yeti Airlines & Simrik Airlines
Online Flight BookingOnline booking for Kathmadnu to Pokhara Flight is available with us.
Total flights per dayMore then 13 direct flights daily basis
Free baggage allowance20 Kg for Normal fare
Flight fareRs. 2450 per person for one way.
IATA code (Pokhara)PKR
IATA code (Kathmandu)KTM
Airport Taxincluded in air fare
Airport Check in timeOne hour before the flight time

Kathmandu to Pokhara Flight Timing

Kathmandu – PokharaNYT 67108:1508:40
Yeti Airlines
Kathmandu – PokharaU4 60308:3008:55
Buddha Air
Kathmandu – PokharaU4 60509:0009:25
Buddha Air
Kathmandu – PokharaNYT 67509:3009:55
Yeti Airlines
Kathmandu – PokharaNYT 67711:1011:35
Yeti Airlines
Kathmandu – PokharaNYT 67913:3013:55
Yeti Airlines
Kathmandu – PokharaNYT 68114:0014:25
Yeti Airlines
Kathmandu – PokharaU4 60914:1014:35
Buddha Air
Kathmandu – PokharaNYT 68315:0015:25
Yeti Airlines
Kathmandu – PokharaU4 61715:0015:25
Buddha Air

Pokhara to Kathmandu Flight Timing

Pokhara – KathmanduNYT 67209:0009:25
Yeti Airlines
Pokhara – KathmanduU4 60409:2009:45
Buddha Air
Pokhara – KathmanduU4 60609:5010:15
Buddha Air
Pokhara – KathmanduNYT 67610:1510:40
Yeti Airlines
Pokhara – KathmanduNYT 67811:5512:20
Yeti Airlines
Pokhara – KathmanduNYT 68014:1514:40
Yeti Airlines
Pokhara – KathmanduNYT 68214:4515:10
Yeti Airlines
Pokhara – KathmanduU4 61015:0015:25
Buddha Air
Pokhara – KathmanduNYT 68415:3516:00
Yeti Airlines
Pokhara – KathmanduU4 61815:5016:15
Buddha Air

Places to see in Pokhara

The most popular tourist destination of Pokhara in Nepal. Full of natural beauty, Pokhara, both domestic and foreign tourists draw throngs.

If you are coming for the first time about the information that may not be the place in Pokhara ghumnaiparne. We came in Pokhara not turn chutaunai some places which we have tried to provide information about

Phewa Lake / Barahi Temple

Phewa Lake in Pokhara is the first attraction for tourist. You may also enjoy by boating in Phewa Lake. The Talbarahi Temaple is next attraction which is situated in the middle of the lake. Boat service is availabe to get the temple and back form the temple.

David Falls (leaf rolling)

Another attraction of Pokhara, David Falls. David Lake, Water Falls Gorge Cave guptesvara Seti naditarpha devour.

Guptesvara Cave

There is a cave, enjoy and be Guptesvara Mahadevsthan. The house is still in front of the cave can be seen in the increased water David Falls.

Word Peace Pagoda

Word Peace Pagoda is situated on the hill near Phewa Lake which is considered a center of attraction. No one want to forget to visit at the monastery one get in Pokhara. Beautiful view of Pokhara, Fewa Lake, the mountains, beautiful scenery are the very enjoyable from there the Word Peace Pagoda

Vindavasini Temple

Vindavasini is a large crowd of devotees in the temple takes place.


Sarangkot is located north-west high hills of Pokhara . We can leave to  visit Sarangkot when you get Pokhara . In addition, we can see the beautiful mountain of Fishtail Mountain, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and other mountains range.

Mahendra Cave

This place is very popular in Pokhara. Mahendra cave is near the next Bet cave

Seti Gorge

 About 2 m depth by virtue of Pokhara Seti river is another attraction. Seti River to draw attention to the many tourists. Narrow and deep agonies shed the winter when the water is hard to see. Last year, when the water comes up readily be seen.

Bearing in Pokhara Seti river flowing once the observation that must be the place. Seti River bridge can be viewed only. Since then a great beach Ramghat outside and can be seen clearly in the Seti River.

Matepani Monastery

Pokhara is a place where no backyard chutaunai, matepani Monastery. Pokhara Regional haspitaladekhi eastern site is very attractive in the monastery is matepani.

Here, too, a beautiful sightseeing of Pokhara in high places to be when. This monastery and the construction of international vimanasthalasameta Lekhanath looks attractive.


Who does not like to fly in the sky and like bird? In order to enjoy paragliding fly a large number of domestic and foreign come to Pokhara. The last time paragliding in Pokhara is becoming the main attraction.

Anyone who can not miss Paragliding once a visit to Pokhara.

Ultralight Flight

Another attraction of Pokhara is Ultralight Flight. Ultralight Fly Pokhara to see the city and the mountain ranges are found.

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